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What is it?

Prontobooking.net (“Prontobooking.net”, “us/we/our”, “yours/his/her/hers/its”, “they/them/their/theirs”) is a FREE online service to find and book hotels, apartment complexes, B&Bs and flats, offered by Secure Viaggi T.O. of Itiner s.n.c. based in Via Nuova Cartaromana, 125 – Post Code 80077 - Ischia (Na) – Italy.

What are the benefits?

The possibility of booking the accommodation that best suits your needs, AT THE BEST PRICE*, from the comfort of home.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions set out below apply to our entire online service, regardless of the mobile device used (including e-mail and telephone).

If you access our web site, visit it, make or are about to make a reservation, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions (including the Privacy statement).

Everything you see on the pages (content, layout, graphics and html/dhtml code) is the exclusive property of Itiner s.n.c. and is protected by the applicable law governing copyright, Law No. 633/194.

Therefore, except for by the legitimate owner(s), the resale, use, reproduction of the software, or part of it, and/or of any of the contents, products or services available on the Prontobooking.net site is prohibited.

The purpose of the service

Our web site allows hotels, apartment complexes, B&Bs and flats to advertise their rooms for booking and visitors to the site to make a reservation.
By booking through ProntoBooking.net you establish a direct and legally binding contractual relationship with the facility with which you have booked your accommodation.
We act only as intermediaries between you and the chosen facility, providing the latter with all the details of your booking and sending you an e-mail confirming the booking.
The information we disclose on the site is provided by the accommodation facilities. They have access to an extranet network through which they can, at any time, update their commercial offering (rates, room availability, room and facility descriptions). The facilities that provide the aforementioned contents are fully responsible for them, subject to continuous and diligent checks by us.
**The operators, managers, employees and representatives of ProntoBooking.net will be held liable only for damages against third parties which can actually be attributed to a failure to observe their obligations in relation to services that they were supposed to perform.
All contents are provided solely for personal ends, both for those advertising hotels (and all types of temporary accommodation) and users who make reservations. It follows that ProntobooKing.net in no way recommends, or supports, the hotels advertised on its web site.


The prices that we publish refer to the room and the entire stay and do not include VAT or any other applicable tax unless otherwise specified on the site or in the area reserved for users.
When you find cheaper rates for a given stay on our web site, always check whether there are limitations and/or special conditions related to the cancellation of bookings and/or refunds.
Strike-through prices indicate different types of discount that relate to percentage discounts (on a minimum number of nights, on early bookings within/no later than ‘n’ amount of days) or offers of one or more nights free of charge on a booking of a certain number of nights. In the latter case, the last day is struck-through and the term FREE placed next to it.
*If, after having made a reservation, you realize that elsewhere, on the internet, (i) the same type of room, (ii) in the same facility, (iii) on the same days as your stay and (iiii) at the same conditions (e.g. breakfast included, non-refundable rate) is offered at a lower price than yours, contact us immediately on: +39 081.381.308.90 or write to: booking@prontobooking.net. We will match the lowest offer (parity price) unless you found it – the lower offer – on a site that does not reveal the name of the facility until you have booked or unless you have used special terms available to particular customers (e.g. member prices, frequent customer prices or loyalty prices).


The trust you place in us every time you elect to use Prontobooking.net for your hotel bookings, to us, represents proof of the quality of the service provided. “Duty”, however, always precedes “honours”, especially in the matter of collecting, managing and disclosing personal data. Please read what is written below with care.
  1. Collecting information

    When you book a hotel room (or any type of temporary accommodation) Prontobooking.net asks you to compile the appropriate fields in which it is compulsory to enter:

    • The location (area) of your choice;
    • Date of arrival;
    • Number of rooms;
    • Number of persons per room;
    • Name and surname (of those staying?);
    • Telephone number;
    • E-mail address;
    • Data of the credit card used (type and credit card number, CVC security code, Expiry date, name of the holder).

    This information is requested at the same time as the booking process takes place. Upon completion, Prontobooking.net will send an e-mail to confirm booking, which you will be able to show upon your arrival at the hotel (or at any type of temporary accommodation).

  2. Disclosure of personal data

    Without prejudice to any legal cases (criminal investigations, subpoenas, court orders, etc.) in which the competent authorities request it, all this data will only be sent to the accommodation facility with which you have made a reservation, in order to confirm the reservation itself.

    At the end of your stay you will receive an e-mail in which Prontobooking.net will ask you to fill out – at your discretion – a Customer Assessment questionnaire, which can even be done anonymously (in which case only your initials, the date of the feedback and the type of customer you represent will appear). Your review will be published on our web site, on the relevant hotel’s page, for the sole purpose of informing future customers about the service and the quality of the hotel in question. Prontobooking.net does not use filters of any type in the management of customer feedback, except for a precautionary check on phrases/words considered obscene and/or offensive to human dignity.

    Prontobooking.net uses cookies (temporary and permanent files) that it installs on the device that you use to surf the site, for the sole purpose of facilitating the process of identification when you access the Reserved Area.

  3. Data protection and security of your credit card

    Prontobooking.net uses the SSL “Secure Socket Layer” security protocol, certified by GeoTrust (www.geotrust.com), to ensure the protection of your personal data and that of your credit card.
    In addition, our server is protected by firewalls against unauthorised access.

  4. Checking your data

  5. From the Reserved Area called “My bookings” you can check your personal data at any time. Should you, for whatever reason, believe them to be incorrect or incomplete, you can change them easily by yourself. Alternatively, contact us immediately on: +39 081.381.308.90.

Read the policy on privacy
If any of the clauses above are no longer in force or binding, we shall replace it with one that is, without prejudice to the validity of all the others. We shall also inform you should they be modified or replaced.

**These terms and conditions, our service, are regulated and construed according to Italian law and any dispute that may arise due to the above terms and conditions or by reason of the service provided will be dealt with exclusively by the Italian courts.
ProntoBooking.net представляет собой бесплатный сервис для поиска и бронирования отелей, предлагаемых Secure Viaggi T.O. di Itiner s.n.c. (Aut. Reg. Campania n. 431 del 17/09/08)
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